by Petrina Wolff in Miscellaneous


I’ve chosen Louis to chat about today. It’s a 24×30 acrylic painting. To me, this is the most beautiful and heartbreaking painting. On August the 13th 2020 my world fell apart. My little dog had a heart attack and died.  Louis was only 11 1/2.  I was so surprised by all the 102 messages on Facebook and phone calls we received from friends, neighbours, all the way from Ireland, England, USA and Canada. Something special had to be done, What, I didn’t know! At first, I thought a portrait of Louis, with or without my husband.  I could not make my mind up.  Six weeks later I woke up one morning and knew exactly what to do. I gave my husband a choice of colours.  He picked green.  I picked pink. And blue for Louis.  White because he was a bichon and grey just… because.  We did the paint pour together.  The magic started to happen.  I got goosebumps watching the colours mix together.  Shapes began to appear.  An eye.  A nose.  An ear.   It kept changing. Three days later it had dried.  I had my Louis portrait complete with his own contribution.  I had added some of his ashes to the paint!  I talk to the painting. I know it’s mad but it helps.  What have you done to help a broken heart?