Ivy Ivy.

by Petrina Wolff in Miscellaneous

‘D0 not fear mistakes. There are none ‘Miles Davis.

I have this pinned to my water jar to encourage me to take risks. I was born with the gift of colour. Being able to put objects together is an art in its self. I am new to painting so my style has yet to arrive until then I’m enjoying the time I spend with a paintbrush.

I started with a blank canvas I guess so does everyone, Painting ‘Ivy Ivy’ was a joy until I realized the main colour green, was not enough to keep it interesting for me, leave alone anyone else. Adding the pink flowers cascading down to flower pot just didn’t do it.

Painting the sky. I love clear blue sky, just then, a butterfly landed on my table .yep a beautiful yellow butterfly. I added yellow and et voilaIvy Ivy, the rest of the colours fell into place. I was happy. this painting is available for sale.