Colleen, I wanted to paint something for ST PATRICKS DAY, but not just for the day but for all the Irish girls every day, everywhere. I know I’m early with this painting but the thought has been in my head for a while and it needed to be done.

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Ivy Ivy.

‘D0 not fear mistakes. There are none ‘Miles Davis. I have this pinned to my water jar to encourage me to take risks. I was born with the gift of colour. Being able to put objects together is an art in its self. I am new to painting so my style has yet to arrive… read more


  I’ve chosen Louis to chat about today. It’s a 24×30 acrylic painting. To me, this is the most beautiful and heartbreaking painting. On August the 13th 2020 my world fell apart. My little dog had a heart attack and died.  Louis was only 11 1/2.  I was so surprised by all the 102 messages… read more